My publications

The Portrait Gallery,  a collection of dramatic monologues in blank verse, some delivered by historical characters such as  Alan Turing,   Amy Johnson, or the last Ming Emperor, some delivered by fictitious characters (Brimstone, 2008)

Arthur Symons, Leading Poet of the English Decadence, literary criticism (Brimstone, 2007)

Rimbaud’s “Une Saison en Enfer” , a new translation of Arthur Rimbaud’s seminal work complete with extensive Notes and an essay “Rimbaud Revisited 1968 – 2068  (Brimstone, 2007)

Via Contemplativa, Via Activa, reflections on the contemplative life (Brimstone, 2007)

The Chosen One, a modern neo-classical tragedy in Three Acts (Brimstone, 2005)

The Valheil World, a comedy in One Act based on the myth of the building of Valhalla (Schoolplay Productions Ltd, 2001)

The Pomegranate Seeds, a play for older children based on the myth of Persephone  (Samuel French, 2000)

Besieged, a psychological thriller in One Act  (New Theatre Publications, 1998)

The Foundling and Other Stories, a collection of folk tales and parables (Kore Publishing, 1994)

Sebastian Hayes has also contributed numerous articles to  magazines over the last thirty years, for example May ’68 and Aftermaths, Observations and Reflections  (The Raven, Anarchist Quaterly 38 1998); A Zen Buddhist Drama, ‘Sotoba Komachi’ (The Middle Way, Journal of the Buddhist Society, February 1993); Ain Soph,  Kabbalistic Concepts of the Divine (Pagan Dawn, Beltane 1995); Causality and Vitalism in Mathematics (M500 Magazine Issue 214);

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